6Cs in Care - Nicholas James Care Homes

Adopting the 6Cs in care and embedding them into the heart of our Care Communities makes us a more cohesive and effective team. Care, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Competence, and Communication carry many different meanings within the care setting. 

They are our building blocks for improving care and collaborations amongst the multi-disciplinary teams that we work with.  We cannot work without each other and without residents to care for there is no point. The strength in the bridge from “good care” to “excellent care” comes from our “nursing” and “care” teams and our dedication to getting it right!


Care is our business and our standard of care defines us a company. Providing person centred care of a high standard is of paramount importance and we are committed to ensuring that our Care Communities meet this standard. For our Nursing and Care Teams intelligence and professionalism are paramount however, above all else they are of a caring nature. 


We know it takes courage to be a Nurse or a Health Care Assistant. It takes courage to be an advocate for others. Through endorsing this element of the C6’s to our Care and Nursing Teams we nurture and cultivate responsive and happy staff.


Commitment to any long term plan takes energy, sustainability and integrity and Nicholas James Care Homes have all of these in abundance. We are committed to our ethos and philosophies and to our long term plans for our communities and our residents. We are also committed to expanding, cultivating and diversifying our dedicated Nursing and Care Teams.


Compassion for our residents is pivotal and is expressed through the empathy, dignity and respect shown not only to them but also to their family and friends.  The compassion within the company cascades down in to our Nursing and Care Teams; our compassion makes us who we are!


Communication is key to the successful running of our company and our Care Communities. It cascades down through every element and department throughout our communities and Nicholas James Care Homes Ltd.  A high standard of communication is essential when interacting with our residents and their families, between staff and departments and when dealing with outside professionals and multi-disciplinary agencies. Communication helps cements the 6 C’s!


As a company we ensure that not only are our Nursing and Care Teams part of an ongoing training matrix but that our other personnel in our Domestic, Kitchen, Maintenance and Leisure and Lifestyle departments are trained in a holistic approach to the daily health and social needs of our residents. We ensure they have the skills and confidence to deliver effective care on a daily basis.

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