Nursing Care

Nicholas James provides high-quality nursing care for the residents across our many care homes located in the south-east of England. Our registered nursing homes provide high quality and person-centred care for residents that have nursing needs. Our qualified and experienced team of nurses provide 24-hour nursing care in all of our care homes. We want to make sure that we give support and reassurance to families to know that your loved ones are being well looked after in our care. 

Our Nursing Care Services

Nursing care is provided in hospitals and hospices but we can provide a similar level of care within our nursing homes. The qualified nurses in our care homes are able to provide specialist care such as the following;

  • Catheters

  • Stomas

  • Tracheostomies

  • Tube Feeding

We also provide many other services for complex conditions but you should consult with our care home before looking to house someone. Nicholas James provides palliative care in all of our care homes too and we are aware of the importance to continually assess the needs of our residents. We want to make sure we are providing the right kind of support and care for all of our residents. Our nursing homes are highly equipped, meeting all regulations and standards. They are also fully accessible throughout.

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