At Nicholas James Care Homes we know how important and vital a nutritional, well balanced and wholesome diet is for our Residents. Our qualified Head Chefs work hard to ensure our menus are seasonal and tasty, regularly consulting with our residents to discover what type of foods they’d like to see on the menu.

Personal choice and preference is important so with 2-3 daily main meal and supper options to choose from our menus have just that! And if nothing takes your fancy then a special order can be placed with one of our Chefs.

All of our meals are freshly prepared and cook in our professional kitchens using fresh and locally sourced seasonal vegetables, meats and fish where possible and at all times maintaining a high standard of quality.

Our kitchens are open 24 hours a day; with 3 main meals a day and snack and refreshments available morning noon and night if desired.

We are also able to meet the requirements of all types of religious, specialist and medical diets.

We work closely with Dieticians, Speech and Language Therapy Teams to ensure that we person tailor our resident’s individual dietary needs if they become more complex such as swallowing difficulties. We ensure that no matter what the requirement is that the food is still appetising and appealing.

We also organise numerous themed days throughout the year when are residents have the opportunity to try foods from around the world or simple reminisce and savour favourite dishes from their childhoods. Encouraging independence is also important and we encourage our residents to actively take part in cooking and baking activities or even making their own suppers or an old favourite family recipe.

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