Dementia Dining Training

Posted on 4th July 2019

What a great day we had yesterday as Operations Manager Jacqui Gregg and Abigail Draper Marketing Manager with teams from Nicholas James took ‘The Dementia Dining Experience’ on the road as part of the NHS CCG’s Dementia focus training.

We were asked by one of our local NHS CCG’s to be part of their Dementia focused training days being held in Ashford and Canterbury. Yesterday we were really proud to be part of the first session held at Westview Integrated Care Centre in Tenterdon, which was attending by health care professionals from the area.

The experience was first launched internally within our homes in 2018 in Kent and then expanded to our homes throughout England. We are now really honoured and pleased to be being asked to hold training sessions for local communities and other health care professionals.

Here is some of the feedback that we had from those that took part in yesterday’s training sessions:

Of the 30 people who take part in the training ALL said that they found the training useful.

When asked what they learnt Karen said she learnt “ how hard it is for dementia suffers ” and Tracy said “ to be more vigilant on my actions as a carer ”. Debbie said that the experience had highlighted the need to be “ more patient, explain before doing anything ” and Rachel said she liked that it gave her “ the insight as to how it feels

When asked how we could improve the training Tracy said “ nothing, it was excellent ”, Kerry said the training “ highlights everything/creates good message “and Claire said “ Just keep going and getting the message out!

We are now looking forward to our next session on the 17 th July in Canterbury.

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